What is so special about this project? Well, it...


  • Inspires Appreciation Of The Natural World: This book and song invites us to think outside of ourselves and look out into the natural world (up until the last few pages) and notice how incredible life is. Life, earth, weather, and beyond are happening all the time and this book reminds us. 

  • Asks Us To Consider How We See The World: Isn’t It Amazing? challenges us to be responsible for our own amazement. In a time when “entertainment” is everywhere, all the time, and very passive, this project asserts that feeling the thrill of being in awe is actually up to us – it is all about how we see the world. Even a grapefruit is amazing if you look, smell and taste closely. 

  • Starts A Conversation About GratitudeAt the end of the book, there are pages for the reader to draw or write what they think is amazing. In that way, this book doesn’t end when it ends but leaves the reader with a new or renewed appreciation and likely, sense of gratitude.

  • Allows For Various Kinds Of ExperiencePoetry, music and illustration all combine to make Isn’t It Amazing? a multi-dimensional experience. It can be listened to in the car or read as a bedtime story. It could be the first song you learn on guitar (chords coming soon!) or a poem you recite at a talent show. Enjoy it all ways!

  • Supports Local Business and Arts in The Bay Area: Both the book and the song were printed and recorded, respectively, by small businesses in the Bay Area (Solstice Press in Oakland and Spareroom Studios in San Francisco). Additionally, we pledge to send 10% of all profits to support local youth arts programs.

So, whether you are two years old or 102, this art is for you.

Isn't It Amazing? is an illustrated song about awe. It is completely hand-drawn and was written, recorded and self-published in the Bay Area by Maya Elise and Meg Adler. 

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